Aries Compatibility

The Aries are known as being blunt and direct on the positive side, often being the person to call someone out when they legitimately need to be corrected. They make friends quite easily and others tend to be drawn to them for their natural leadership. Aries are known for their powerful sex drives and tend to take several partners prior to settling down in a more serious relationship. When they do end up finding a mate who can keep up with their sexual appetite, constant search for new adventure, and leadership abilities, they make a great spouse and parent. While

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Taurus Compatibility

The Taurus make for very loyal, dependable, stable husbands or wives and have the capacity to be great parents as they rarely demand much, if anything, out of their kids or mate. They display sought after kindness and thoughtfulness from both their children and lover’s perspective. They aren’t the type of people to lie to, steal from, or cheat on their partner. The will defend the honor of their family tooth and nail and will ensure no one they love can ever come into any danger from outside forces. As for the sexuality of a Taurus, they tend to be

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Gemini Compatibility

Again, Gemini being represented by two separate, yet identical, entities shows in many aspects of their lives. One side of them can be deeply loving, caring, emotional, romantic, passionate and attentive to their lover’s every need. When their other side is dominant in a relationship that makes them standoffish, isolated, emotionally detached, and sometimes even expressing signs of hostility to their partner’s loving gestures. When committed they can be very devoted and enjoyable partners to keep, however, keep in mind they are by nature flirtatious, lighthearted, and sometimes seem uncaring as to the emotional damage they may cause by acting

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Cancer Compatibility

As explained above, Cancer is a unique mix of outward strength and internal vulnerability. They tend to be romantic and emotional lovers who pay attention to detail when it comes to their partner’s happiness. Fiercely loyal and protective, a Cancer husband or wife will go to the end of the universe and back to ensure the continued happiness and safety of their friends, family, and especially lovers. They tend to be extremely loyal partners due to their overly protective nature and will often stick with their first mate throughout their entire life if possible. They tend to give more than

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Leo Compatibility

Leo are extremely sincere, dedicated, open, genuine, and trusting lovers when presented the opportunity. Their warmhearted and kind nature make them go above and beyond the typical means to ensure the happiness of their friends, family, and mate. If deceived by a trusted lover, they can become extremely withdrawn and disappointed, sometimes shaking their faith in people in general. Their strong sex drive can often lead them to several different sexual partners, even though they are genuine and loving to the partner they are currently with until the relationship ends. They are often seen as demanding from their partner what

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Virgo Compatibility

Virgos can make excellent mates when matched with a compatible sign. They can be loyal, affectionate, understanding partners who make good spouses and parents. While they may seem to lack sexual passion, a Virgo needs the perfect sexual match to truly express themselves romantically. They rarely pursue sex based on passion and primal urges, rather, display their sexuality through expressions of love and deeper emotion.

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Libra Compatibility

Libra are known to be empathetic lovers, always trying to show understanding from their mate’s point of view, going out of their way to resolve any issues between the two, and even sometimes take the blame for things that weren’t necessarily their fault just to keep the peace. Rarely do the husbands or wives of a Libra find themselves complaining that they feel their partner “doesn’t understand” them, or feel as if they are being brushed off. Libra born men and women are known as the most tolerant to any shortcomings or faults in the person they’re emotionally involved in.

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Scorpio Compatibility

The Scorpio are known to be the sign symbolizing sex. They are typically known as the most passionate, energetic lovers. They have been considered able to transcend typical physical pleasures by employing their deep emotional connection with others around them to essentially lose themselves in their passionate union with their partner. This ability can also cause the Scorpio to easily turn down the path of perversion and lose themselves in erotic pleasures of the flesh, even betraying the love and trust placed in them from their partners and lovers for pleasure.

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Sagittarius Compatibility

In love and relationships, Sagittarius are considered straightforward, conventional, and in control. They are generally known to be on the ‘average’ side of sexual promiscuity and prowess, seeking sex when they see fit but not letting it dominate their lives like the Scorpio tends to. They make great, loyal, trusting spouses and responsible parents, however, due to their free spirited nature, they may need to spend time away from their family to expend some of their restless and free-loving energies. If a Sagittarius is scorned in love, they may become frigid and isolated from their emotional side, often being regarded

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Capricorn Compatibility

Some say the Capricorn are almost cursed when it comes to romantic relationships. They find themselves over worrying to the point that they make themselves (and in the process, others) unhappy with their excessive compulsion to ensure the situation is agreeable to others. They prefer to handle everything on their own without anyone else interfering. They even like to deal with other people’s problems for them rather than letting them figure things out for them self. They tend to have few relationships, both personal and romantic, throughout their lives, but the ones they do tend to last. The friends and

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Aquarius Compatibility

While it may seem hard or not worth someone’s time to become involved with an Aquarius, keep in mind they make extremely faithful, loyal, and dedicated partners that are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure the safety, happiness, and well being of their partner. They make fierce guardians when their family is in danger and will go above and beyond reasonable means to secure food and safety for their friends and family in any circumstance. Their partners may find it annoying that your average Aquarius will easily break promises that don’t directly compromise the safety of their family, exhibiting strange

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Pisces Compatibility

The Pisces is one of the most humble and generous mates a person can find in life, always giving rather than asking or taking. They are the type of person to go out of their way to get a gift for a loved one for the simple reason that it would be a nice thing to do, and to see a smile on someone’s face. Pisces strongly prefer a spiritual and emotional bond rather than expressing their love physically through sex, however, sex can be an integral part of that bond. They express their emotions throughout other ways than passionate

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