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Aquarius compatibility with Aquarius: Love and relationships

Find out if Aquarius with Aquarius is a good match when it comes to love and friendship

Aquarius and Aquarius should have little difficulty forming a very pleasant friendship together. They obviously will have a great deal in common and should stimulate each other intellectually. Their fun-loving and outgoing nature should also be given free rein, and this could lead to some exciting new experiences together. The Aquarius welcomes change and, with their thirst for adventure, there is little danger of them becoming stuck in a rut.

The mutual respect for the other's need for a degree of freedom will give them an easy understanding, as neither will be tied down by feelings of jealousy or resentment. This equal pairing could gain strength from their many shared interests and adventures. They will relish the opportunity to compare their own discoveries with a like-minded soul and can feed off one another’s inspiration.

If they allow each other too much freedom, there is a risk of having too many personal interests in any deep emotional bonds to form. But, if they embrace their common ground and share the same ambitions for themselves and their partners, the relationship could flourish. In this pairing, it really is a case of two minds being better than one.

Can a relationship between two Aquarius work?

As both partners will be practical and realistic about achieving their ambitions, there may almost be a business-like feel to their relationship. They will be happy to apply logic to solve any issues that come between them, and their slightly frivolous nature should ensure that the friendship rolls along quite nicely.

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These natives will be happy to apply logic to solve any issues that come between them | Getty Images

As they should have such a lot in common, it will only take a little compromise here and there to keep the peace. It is quite likely that there will be a lack of intimacy in the relationship, yet this may be more obvious to an observer. The Aquarius are so driven by their need for adventure and independence that some of life’s bigger issues can be put off, almost indefinitely.

They are unlikely to enjoy a fantastic physical relationship but, as this is not usually considered a priority by the Aquarius, it should not adversely affect the couple. The Aquarius are not the most passionate about nature, but they do have their sensitive side and can be very loyal and protective of their loved ones. They also possess a natural desire to please, and these qualities allow them to gradually strengthen and grow as a couple.