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Aquarius compatibility with Aries: Love and relationships

Are Aquarius and Aries a good match? Find out if these signs are able to work together in a relationship

Aquarius and Aries have the potential to make an exciting match, although there will be elements of the relationship that could cause difficulties. The importance that the Aquarius puts in retaining their independence, and also their respect for that of their partners, should be well suited to the Aries.

However, the more impulsive Aries does need a lot of attention, which may not be forthcoming from the more conservative Aquarius. The Aries can be a little more dominant, but this could be turned into a positive if the Aquarius is tolerant towards them and is prepared to take the odd risk here and there. As with all relationships, provided that both are prepared to compromise, then all things are possible.

Can a relationship between Aquarius and Aries work?

It is possible that the two might spark a stormy relationship if the Aries cannot cope with the more methodical approach of the Aquarius. Although both the Aquarius and the Aries can be experimental, the Aries is the more adventurous of the pair and there is a risk that their physical and emotional needs may not be met.

However, the two should certainly make excellent travel companions and there is no reason for this not to develop further if the right balance can be established.

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Both the Aquarius and the Aries can be very experimental | Getty Images

If the Aquarius can feel comfortable with the amount of space they are afforded by their partner, they will be much more relaxed about showing their finest qualities of fun, generosity and affection. The Aries also value their independence, although to a lesser degree than the Aquarius, and they can be quite demanding of their partner.

There should certainly be mutual attraction initially and plenty of enthusiasm which could burn brightly for a while. There should also be no shortage of passion in their lives, although this could be more dependent on the Aries, who can be more spontaneous than the Aquarius.

Both are quite sociable by nature and enjoy helping others. They are invariably quite practical and highly motivated, which should lead to great success in business and financial matters together. The Aquarius can exercise a little more caution, but they are also quite perceptive, so they should make an excellent foil for the more adventurous Aries. If they can harness their character traits to maximum effect, they have the potential to make a very dynamic pairing.