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Aquarius compatibility with Capricorn: Love and relationships

Aquarius and Cancer can be great friends, but are they a good love match?

There are possibilities for compatibility between the Aquarius and the Capricorn, but it will require considerable effort from both partners. The Capricorn may need to establish a dominant role over the more independent minded Aquarius. The Capricorn wants to control aspects of a relationship, whereas the Aquarius may find this constraining. If they can find a middle ground, there is a chance they could make it work, but it is not guaranteed.

Can a relationship between Aquarius and Capricorn work?

The most difficult challenge in this relationship is finding a way to successfully embrace their completely different outlook on life. Aquarius can be impulsive and strives to retain their freedom for new adventures, whereas the  Capricorn wants to be traditional and establish some roots. There is a real danger that the Aquarius will ultimately prove too unpredictable for the Capricorn.

Once the two get together as a partnership, the Capricorn will soon be looking for stability and commitment, whilst the Aquarius will be happy with the status quo. Equally, the Aquarius may find the more serious and reserved nature of the Capricorn too stifling over a period of time.

There are also likely to be conflicts on an emotional level. The Capricorn feels the passing of time and seeks to get their career and home life in order, whereas the Aquarius prefers to take whatever path it meets and live for the present. If they can somehow merge their very different traits, they could conceivably enhance each other’s lives in a delightful way, but it will require concessions on both sides.

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The Capricorn will need a lot of patience to accommodate the free spirit of the Aquarius into a lasting relationship | Getty Images

The Capricorn can be very industrious and down-to-earth in their approach, whereas the Aquarius likes to be inventive and can drift off course. The compatibility for this pair works best when they are able to compliment each other. However, this is a difficult road to take as it is only one step away from conflict. The Aquarius and Capricorn compatibility could work extremely well on a friendship or business level, but could flounder under the extra strain of a loving relationship.

The Capricorn is by far the more introverted of the two and, once the initial appeal of the outgoing social nature of the Aquarius has worn off, may find themselves irritable and struggling to adapt.

On an intellectual level, they will possess enough know-how to resolve many issues, but the deeply personal matters will always prove the most troublesome. The Capricorn is ambitious and disciplined, as well as being blessed with great patience. They will need all of it to accommodate the free spirit of the Aquarius into a workable and lasting relationship.