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Aquarius compatibility with Gemini: Love and relationships

Find out why this is one of the most promising matches out of all the Zodiac signs

This pairing has a tremendous amount going for it. Both relish their freedom, and neither suffer the hang-ups of jealousy nor possessiveness. They each have a tremendous thirst for knowledge and are likely to be stimulated by intellectual debate.

They will feed off each other’s knowledge and could instantly form a very strong and exciting friendship. Both the Aquarius and the Gemini value friendship extremely highly, and they may well be able to find their true soul mate in this excellent love match.

Why are Aquarius and Gemini a good match?

The Aquarius will be attracted by the Gemini’s great sense of humor, and the compatibility of this relationship will be further enhanced by the optimistic nature of both partners. A Gemini will be enticed by the creativity of the Aquarius combined with their mental prowess. Once a relationship is formed between these two compatible signs, both will be free to reveal their most adventurous side in this exciting partnership.

Indeed, there may even be a risk of the pairing seeking too much fun at the expense of the more mundane but essential tasks. Neither of the two likes to make long term plans or settle into a routine. A little self-discipline may be needed to keep them on a firm footing and, as the Aquarius is essentially quite grounded, it may fall to them to keep things in order.

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Their energy and mutual desire for variety will open up all sorts of options to them throughout their lives together | Getty Images

There should be no shortage of passion or experimentation in their physical relationship, as both like to keep things new and interesting, there is every prospect of a strong romantic bond developing between them. Of all the Zodiac signs, this is definitely one of the most promising of all matches. There are so many areas in which these two should bond that you have to dig deep to find where any problems could develop.

The most likely sticking point is the fact that both signs can be a little unpredictable. The Gemini can certainly be more emotional than the Aquarius and, with the latter having a deep-rooted aversion to conflict, there may be some flair-ups that require a bit of effort to resolve. But generally speaking, these are no more than personal traits that would need to be addressed in any relationship.

Their energy and mutual desire for variety will open up all sorts of options to them throughout their lives together. When they do hit difficult times, they seem to have all the attributes between them to iron things out and move on, hopefully even stronger for the experience. With both allowed the necessary time to themselves and sharing a healthy social life together, their intellect and spirit of adventure should flourish.