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Aquarius compatibility with Libra: Love and relationships

This pairing really does have everything going for it, find out why these signs are compatible

This has the makings of a very strong relationship, as these signs share many attributes. They both thrive on communication with other people, enjoy socializing and making new friends. They both require a certain amount of space to allow their individuality to flourish, and this mutual understanding should work perfectly.

Why are Aquarius and Libra a good match?

The adventurous and inventive mind of the Aquarius will be instantly attractive to the Libra as they seek inspirational and intelligent friends and partners. The Libra will also be attracted by the leadership qualities of the Aquarius, as neither have the need to be dominant. There should be no shortage of enthusiasm from either side as the Aquarius will delight in the attention and there is every prospect of these two sharing great pleasures together.

The Libra is well-equipped to deal with the more unpredictable side of the Aquarius because they can be very tactful and know how to diffuse awkward situations. They have natural skills of diplomacy rather than resorting to angry rhetoric. Neither of them is likely to make excessive demands on the other, and the Libra should feel comfortable allowing the Aquarius to retain enough of their precious freedom.

In many ways, the Aquarius and the Libra have the ideal personality traits to be wholly compatible. Libra loves to float new ideas, and the Aquarius delights in applying a completely new perspective. There should be an excellent rapport between the two, bouncing ideas back and forth and using each other’s strengths to be truly inspirational.

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The Aquarius and the Libra have the ideal personality traits to be wholly compatible | Getty Images

Although the Libra likes to feel true companionship and romance with their partner, they are also fairly open-minded, and it should not take a great deal of effort on their part to accommodate the more adventurous side of the Aquarius. In turn, the Aquarius will adore and respect the Libra for their cool and balanced approach.

There is every chance of a passionate and romantic love developing out of this mutual admiration. The Aquarius is capable of making the Libra feel special and possesses the added charm of spontaneity.

They will need to convince the Libra of their commitment but, with so many similar qualities and little danger of jealousy intruding on their relationship, this pairing really does have everything going for it. They can feel free to express themselves, take their relationship to new heights and have all the comfort and confidence of being a strongly united couple.