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Aquarius compatibility with Pisces: Love and relationships

Find out why Aquarius and Pisces are a complicated and unpredictable match

There is every chance that the Aquarius and the Pisces will initially be very attracted to one another. There will be a natural curiosity to explore the different aspects of their personalities that each will enjoy. The Pisces will love the more outgoing and fun side of the Aquarius, who, in turn, will be drawn by the passion and warmth of the Pisces.

However, as soon as the novelty starts to wear off, the Aquarius will be looking to re-establish their freedom whereas the more sensitive Pisces will be desperate to keep the relationship close. There must be some doubt whether the Pisces can feel comfortable allowing the Aquarius to retain their precious freedom. The Pisces has a great desire to share their love in a very close relationship, and this could be too restrictive for the Aquarius.

They will expect the Pisces to need their own space in much the same way as they do, and this is not going to happen. The Pisces expects their partner at their side, and they could soon find themselves pulling in different directions.

The sensitive nature of the Pisces is another concern for this pairing. The Aquarius is more intent on keeping their own personality and engaging new friends and experiences, whilst the Pisces will prove an extremely demanding partner. The Pisces needs to be loved with a passion and will be distraught if they feel they are not getting the attention they deserve.

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The sensitive nature of the Pisces is the another concern for this pairing | Getty Images

In terms of their outlook on life, it is difficult to match the Aquarius with the Pisces. Whilst they can both be open-minded and welcome new experiences, the Pisces wants to see the best in everything and everyone and is a bit of a romantic. The Aquarius is much more down to earth and bases their decision-making on logic.

The Pisces are extremely compassionate by nature and will feel the pain of others, whereas the Aquarius will take a step back and be far more objective. Consequently, it is hard to see how the Aquarius can ever truly meet the level of intimacy that the Pisces so desperately seeks.

Are Aquarius and Pisces a good match?

Whichever way you look at it, there does not seem to be a natural compatibility for the Aquarius and the Pisces. There are many aspects of a relationship that can be worked on, but it is hard to see how either can change sufficiently to create a lasting and loving relationship. The initial curiosity and attractions may hold steady in a friendship without demands or commitment from either side.

But, if they want to take it further, there will inevitably come a time when the Pisces will find the Aquarius too detached and even cold. Likewise, the Aquarius will find the Pisces to be clingy and dependent. They simply will not know how to deal with the sudden mood swings and their constant need for reassurance.