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Aquarius compatibility with Taurus: Love and relationships

The bond between an Aquarius and a Taurus can be difficult to maintain

On the face of it, there could be some very awkward clashes for this pairing. An Aquarius does not like to be conventional, whereas the Taurus wants to be exactly that. Taurus do not like change, but Aquarius welcome it.

The Taurus is also far more passionate and has much greater need of physical love than the Aquarius. However, there is a strong possibility of a mutual fascination simply because they can be so very different. The bond that could potentially hold them together is their determination to succeed, but there will need to be a lot of compromises from both partners.

Why Aquarius and Taurus are not an ideal match?

There are actually so many differences between the Aquarius and the Taurus that you could more easily see them as adversaries than as lovers! Everywhere you look in the relationship, there are potential problems, especially since they can both be very stubborn. And yet, if they can somehow dovetail their personal traits, they can be made to work in a lasting relationship.

The Aquarius can benefit from the practical day-to-day consistency of the Taurus, while they in turn can learn from their partner's more adventurous aspect. The Taurus are also known to be much more physical than the Aquarius and, if they find their partner willing, could greatly enhance the level of passion in their lives.

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The Taurus are known to be much more physical than the Aquarius | Getty Images

If the Taurus has the patience to nurture the passion that exists deep within the Aquarius, their lovemaking can be as magical as any known combination of Zodiac signs. Whereas the Aquarius may find the Taurus too settled in their ways, they do value some consistency in their lives and prefer to have a comfortable existence than one beset with complications.

The Aquarius will never lose their need for new experiences, whilst the Taurus will much prefer to stay in their comfort zone. If both partners have enough determination to make the relationship work, it is not impossible to establish a mutual understanding that provides each with what they need.

They each have a number of things going for them in terms of their natural traits, which can only be of benefit to all partnerships. The Aquarius is intelligent, perceptive and always willing to help others. Although the Aquarius may appear detached at times, they are generally loving and kind by nature. By the same token, the Taurus makes a loyal and supportive partner and is blessed with great determination.

They are also extremely creative, very often using this as an outlet for relieving their inner stress. The Taurus also longs for a truly lasting relationship, and their more erratic tendencies must be kept in context in terms of the overall picture. Although they can possess a fiery temper, this is rarely expressed because their main objective is to maintain a comfortable stability.