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Aquarius and Relationship

While it may seem hard or not worth someone’s time to become involved with an Aquarius, keep in mind they make extremely faithful, loyal, and dedicated partners that are willing to sacrifice everything to ensure the safety, happiness, and well being of their partner. They make fierce guardians when their family is in danger and will go above and beyond reasonable means to secure food and safety for their friends and family in any circumstance. Their partners may find it annoying that your average Aquarius will easily break promises that don’t directly compromise the safety of their family, exhibiting strange secretive behaviors that many read as cheating or being disloyal to their mates, however, this is merely part of their personality. Remember that they are known to be extremely loyal to their friends and loved ones.

Some of the most negative aspects of the Aquarius in regards to love and relationships are they tend to allow their negative emotions to boil inside of them until it explodes out in a violent eruption of anger and hatred against those who have done them wrong. They harbor intense feelings of hatred when the situation arises, which can lead to their partners feeling alone or excommunicated when they should be open and talking about their problems. This is the main reason they are known for being lifetime enemies with people who may not even be aware of the hatred the Aquarius feels towards them.

Aquarius Compatibility With The Other Signs

Aquarius Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility Summary


Aquarius Aries compatibility shows that this pair is blessed with the ability to commit themselves wholeheartedly to a project and gain everything they possibly can from the experience. They do not dwell on the past and are capable of drawing a line under things and moving on. There are many areas in which the Aquarius and the Aries seem highly compatible and, should a strong bond form between them, they will be able to provide one another with everything they need. Both are capable of a loving long-term relationship in which their best qualities are allowed to flourish. Of all the possible pairings, that between the Aquarius Aries compatibility may certainly be one of the most exciting.

Aquarius Aries

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