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Aquarius and Cancer Love Compatibility

can Aquarius & Cancer love relationship work?

The unpredictable nature of the Aquarius will prove difficult for the more emotionally vulnerable Cancer. The Aquarius need to retain a high degree of independence within a relationship whilst the Cancer will be looking to settle down. The Aquarius may have to concede a lot of their freedom in order for the Cancer to feel secure and it is difficult to see this as an ideal match. There could just be too much required of both partners to make this sustainable.

Cancer is far more sensitive and emotional than the Aquarius and they could have difficulty coping with the slightly aloof Aquarius. There could be some physical attraction here, but perhaps not enough to overcome the many differences between them. The Aquarius is more comfortable building a friendship into a relationship whereas the Cancer will soon be looking for signs of intimacy.

The Cancer seeks stability and likes to spend a lot of time in familiar surroundings with their partner whereas the Aquarius will want to get out more, make new friends and socialize. There is a real danger that the Aquarius will get itchy feet if they feel constrained by the Cancer’s instinctive desire to stay safe and secure. There will have to be a considerable amount of give and take to resolve the issue of personal space for this relationship to work.

The Cancer is blessed with great creativity and this part of their character will intrigue the Aquarius much more than their other traits. It is this slightly dreamy nature to the Cancer that could be accentuated into a positive within the relationship as it breaks them free from their rigid needs for security and comfort. If the Aquarius can impart some of their more adventurous side to tempt the Cancer out of their shell once in a while, then there is hope for the relationship.

The Cancer is very attached to their family, craves intimacy and can be extremely vulnerable if they are taken out of their comfort zone. In contrast, the Aquarius is always friendly but seldom closely attached to anyone, preferring to rely on their intellect rather than their emotions. If the Aquarius follows their natural instinct to garner friends of both sexes this will inevitably lead to feelings of insecurity in the Cancer. Equally, there is a major concern as to whether the Aquarius will be able to deal with the constant needs of the Cancer in terms of love, attention and security. They simply do not have it within them to be constantly comforting and supportive.

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