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can Aries & Gemini love relationship work?

The Aries and the Gemini share a common wish to keep trying new things in life and this bodes well for their relationship. There is also a good basis for compatibility in Gemini’s willingness to adapt to the need of the Aries to play the leading role in the partnership. Communication should not be a problem as both have an inquisitive mind and there should be plenty to keep each other amused. This union has great prospects to evolve naturally into a delightful and exciting love match. Each has inspirational qualities that should adapt perfectly well to the other.

The Aries is the more naturally passionate of the two but the Gemini will thrive on this aspect of the relationship and quickly learn to return the passion in equal measure. The ease with which the Aries can adopt the leading role will allow the Gemini to furnish them with intelligent ideas and observations, giving them the perfect balance. The Gemini is happy to take the subordinate role, within reason of course. They are also known for being extremely tolerant, although they will stand up for themselves if they feel liberties are being taken. Both the Aries and the Gemini enjoy healthy debate and they seem to have all the equipment to deal with most eventualities.

If there are problems for this couple it is likely to be in the area of completing a project. Both are extremely energetic when it comes to launching themselves into a new adventure but less so when it comes to tying up the loose ends. They are both prone to getting easily distracted so you can see them starting out on one big idea and quickly becoming diverted elsewhere. They may need to acquire a little self-discipline when it comes to the more serious aspects of everyday life. However, as neither will be very concerned with long term planning this is unlikely to concern them unduly.

Another area of possible weakness could be in the physical side of the relationship. The most passionate physical pairings are often those who are diverse in character and these two are so closely matched that they may lack a little intensity. They do have spontaneity on their side and they also have the imaginative Aries to lead the way so there is every possibility that their lovemaking could still be exciting.

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