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Aries and Scorpio Love Compatibility

can Aries & Scorpio love relationship work?

The Aries loves their independence and so too does the Scorpio. Once in a relationship, the Scorpio can become intense, emotional and even possessive. This sensitive side to the Scorpio could present a problem for the Aries who are known for their fiery temper. Neither likes to be controlled or manipulated and it may be that the Aries assumes command in the relationship.

The confident and strident Aries will certainly attract the Scorpio and stir their passions. Both are extremely physical so there will certainly be no shortage of passion. You would certainly expect these two strong characters to enjoy their initial sparring and love making with equal relish. Much will depend on whether they can successfully establish some kind of pecking order to avoid being drawn into a power struggle. This may initially seem like playful jousting but the problem could become more deep-rooted unless there is a willingness to back down. It need not be a matter of one establishing overall dominance but they will have to know each other’s boundaries.

This relationship could be hot and cold. In the early stages of the relationship there is very likely to be a good deal of excitement and adventure. However, if they fail to deal with their emotional differences, they could find it difficult to keep the partnership on an even keel. The Scorpio is prone to jealousy and will not easily adapt to the borderline flirting of the Aries in social situations. If they cannot resolve their disagreements quickly they will be left simmering and this could leave their tempers on a very short fuse.

The Scorpio needs to have some security and likes to have an intense relationship with their partner. The Scorpio can also appear secretive and suspicious as they look for real signs of commitment. This could become a little claustrophobic for the Aries who prefers to keep a certain distance. They will have to find a way to provide the Scorpio with that intimacy that they desperately need. This pairing may also have difficulty resolving their arguments. The Aries tend to vent their anger and then quickly forget about the incident and move on. The Aries, on the other hand, does not find it so easy to forgive and forget and they can harbor grudges about things said in the heat of the moment.

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