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Cancer compatibility with Cancer: Love and relationships

Cancer is among the most sensitive of all the Zodiac signs, two highly emotional people can make things difficult

Both will be extremely emotional and tend to get hurt quite easily. When a Cancer becomes involved with another Cancer, they can form a very strong bond, as their similar temperaments will improve their compatibility. Their relationship will be very intimate, loving and protective. There could be problems with their mood swings and the extremely high level of emotions could make things difficult.

Can a relationship between two Cancer natives work?

A Cancer love match with another Cancer can be a difficult partnership to accurately predict. Much will depend on how hard they are prepared to work to make this partnership successful, and whether one has the strength to take charge when required.

Cancer is among the most sensitive of all the zodiac signs and has plenty of compassion for the people most important to them. When in a relationship with another Cancer, it is likely to be a highly emotional combination.

They will share a love of family and friends and will be very understanding of each other’s feelings. This, along with their similar temperament, gives them a reasonably good compatibility rating. Their mutual understanding may also lead to a strong physical attraction and some very sensual lovemaking.

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Both will be extremely emotional and tend to get hurt quite easily | Getty Images

The relationship will consequently prove very intimate, loving and strong. The problems lie in their mood swings. An opposing sign will sometimes be better at dealing with the moody nature of the Cancer because of their different outlook. In the case of two of the same zodiac sign, the mood swings can prove troublesome, simply because their partner may not be able to pull them out of it.

With both being highly emotional, it can be difficult to find a practical approach in times of adversity. For the most part, everything should be rosy in the garden, but the emotional level of this combination is a serious concern.

Another problem for this partnership may be the lack of leadership. The Cancer can tend to err towards following a stronger individual. If neither takes the leading role, they could be in trouble when decisive action is needed. If they are too alike, this combination simply will not function outside their own little world.

Having said that, it is not an insurmountable problem as the Cancer are good at learning from their mistakes and a strong partnership will always develop through experience. So long as one of the pair has it in them to be assertive, they will have a good chance of making things work.