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Cancer compatibility with Leo: Love and relationships

These natives have the ability to form strong relationships with each other

The Cancer and the Leo individuals have excellent prospects of forming a strong relationship together. The Leo is a natural leader, and this is a role that the Cancer is never particularly happy taking on. They will be happy to follow a strong lead, and this will enable them to relax and reveal their most creative qualities.

Are Cancer and Leo an ideal match?

The Leo can be very romantic and loving, and this will be reciprocated by the Cancer once trust is established. They both value their home life extremely highly, and a warm and comfortable future together is a good possibility for this excellent match.

If there is a concern with this pairing, it is that both the Cancer and the Leo tend to have very fragile egos and can get hurt very easily. If the Cancer is offended, they can retreat into their shell and both partners will suffer. They both require appreciation and consideration from the people they love so that they can give the same in return.

The Leo seems to have all the qualities that the Cancer needs to feel wholly comfortable. Although the Cancer is happy to follow a strong leader, they do like to retain a certain amount of their individuality. In terms of compatibility, this combination is about as good as it gets. The prospects are excellent for a strong partnership with a strong sense of loyalty and devotion.

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The Leo can be very romantic and loving, and this will be reciprocated by the Cancer once trust is established | Getty Images

As with all relationships, they will have to be willing to compromise on some issues. The Leo will soon realize that they have to be careful not to offend the more fragile Cancer. The initial attraction here is that of opposites but, unlike in other such romances, what brings them together can also keep them together.

Leo loves a challenge and will take the lead in providing the partnership with vitality and excitement. Although the Cancer is often thought to shy away from some of life’s more exciting offerings, they will gladly go along with everything that the Leo has to offer.

The passion and strength of the Leo will release the Cancer from their usual inhibitions and enable them to fulfill their potential, both privately and career-wise. In return, the Cancer offers all the love and attention that the Leo could possibly wish for.