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Cancer compatibility with Taurus: Love and relationship

The differences between these two signs can make them fit together quite nicely

Although the Cancer and the Taurus have different personal traits, this has the makings of a good combination. Their differences are such that they could fit together quite nicely so that they can deal with most problems that come their way. Both the Cancer and the Taurus crave security and stability, and are capable of great love and affection.

Can Cancer and Taurus maintain a lasting relationship?

The Cancer also brings added craft and imagination to the Taurus, and their willingness to please one another bodes well for them romantically. The Taurus is well-equipped to understand the mood changes of the Cancer and should be able to cope with their more sensitive side to keep the relationship on an even footing.

The Cancer can get hurt quite easily, but the Taurus can be both practical and gentle, and these are traits that will be greatly appreciated by the Cancer. Both the Cancer and the Taurus value the home and family very highly and will be able to plan towards financial security and stability.

Both will be happy to combine their efforts in establishing a comfortable home environment and possess the qualities of loyalty and affection necessary to keep things going nicely.

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Cancer and Taurus value their home and family very highly | Getty Images

They seem to have the perfect qualities on both an emotional and practical level. Once the Cancer and the Taurus have settled into a strong relationship and established a level of trust between them, it will take something very dramatic to break them apart.

Although both are more than capable of making friends easily, neither the Cancer nor the Taurus are social creatures and would prefer to stay at home and spend quality time with their partner. They can both be affectionate and sensual, and there are good prospects for bringing a little romance into their lives along the way.

It is very difficult to predict where any problems might lie for this couple, but they may have to guard against their slightly jealous and possessive instincts. If the relationship turns sour, the Cancer can become entrenched in a rather loveless partnership, but the prospects are good for compromise.

Since both the Cancer and the Taurus can be quite stubborn, it could take a little negotiation to resolve any differences, but there are certainly a lot more things going for them than against them.