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Cancer and Relationship

As explained above, Cancer is a unique mix of outward strength and internal vulnerability. They tend to be romantic and emotional lovers who pay attention to detail when it comes to their partner’s happiness. Fiercely loyal and protective, a Cancer husband or wife will go to the end of the universe and back to ensure the continued happiness and safety of their friends, family, and especially lovers. They tend to be extremely loyal partners due to their overly protective nature and will often stick with their first mate throughout their entire life if possible. They tend to give more than they receive, and often feel undeserving when their lovers go out of their way to do something nice for them.

Cancer Compatibility With The Other Signs

Cancer Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility Summary


Whilst the Cancer will be looking to put down roots and settle down into a secure and stable relationship, the Aries will be uncomfortable with this closed environment. The Aries will quickly need to learn how to provide that emotional comfort whilst at the same time retaining enough of their prized personal freedom. It may be a bit of an emotional tightrope to walk in the early stages of the relationship and, especially as both can be quite stubborn, it is certainly going to take great determination and resolve to make this partnership function smoothly. There are few matches that have so many obvious differences as this one and it is very hard to see it lasting beyond the initial attraction.

Cancer Aries

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