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Cancer and Aries Love Compatibility

can Cancer & Aries love relationship work?

The compatibility between the Cancer and the Aries is poor because they are so very different in nature. The Cancer is known to be the most introverted of all zodiac signs whilst the Aries could reasonably be called extrovert. The Cancer can also have mood swings that may prove difficult for the Aries to cope with. Similarly, the more abrupt language of the Aries could be hurtful to the more sensitive Cancer.

As is frequently the case, their very differences will be what initially attracts them to one another. In terms of sexual compatibility there is no doubt that this pair have the potential to make sparks fly. The usually reserved Cancer will be drawn out of their shell by the attentions of the more confident Aries and this mutual fascination will certainly bring with it a lot of passion. However, what may begin as a powerful sexual attraction could rapidly deteriorate as their differences become more obvious.

The Cancer is overly cautious whereas the Aries wants to take risks. The Cancer is very much a home bird, looking for comfort and security whilst the Aries hates to feel tied down. The Cancer and the Aries do share a loving devotion towards their family and loved ones and this offers some hope for them as a couple. Whether this is such a priority for the Aries is open to debate, as it is never allowed to take precedence over their desire to retain their individuality and freedom. For the Cancer it is part of their constant need for intimacy and security which could ultimately prove suffocating for the Aries. Of course these personality traits can be moderated but never will compromise be in more desperate need than in this unlikely pairing.

The compatibility of this relationship will depend on how much both the Cancer and the Aries can grow to understand each other and how quickly they can learn to adapt. The Aries can teach the Cancer how to become more independent. This would benefit the Cancer tremendously in their ability be more outgoing and to enjoy life. In turn, the Cancer can teach the Aries a little compassion and sensitivity. It may just be possible for this odd combination to get along but there are so many potential hazards to negotiate that it cannot be considered anything other than a difficult match.

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