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can Cancer & Gemini love relationship work?

The Cancer may be intrigued and initially attracted by the Gemini but it is not certain that this partnership will pass the test of time. The Cancer is far more of a stay-at-home personality than the Gemini who could soon become restless. The Gemini are far more inclined to enjoy social activities and like to meet new people and new challenges. This couple could soon find themselves drifting apart. The Cancer is also more emotional than the Gemini and will find the fickle nature of the Gemini very frustrating.

The zodiac signs of Cancer and the Gemini have very little in common. On the plus side, the Cancer will be able to provide the care and attention that the Gemini needs. The Gemini, in turn, can bring some energy and excitement into the daily life of the more emotional Cancer. The difficulty is seeing how the Gemini will be able to get more deeply attached. Their slightly superficial nature may prove hurtful to the sentimental Cancer. They may also face compatibility issues from their very different approaches to dealing with life’s problems. The Cancer will feel unsettled and insecure in this relationship if the Gemini cannot show some sign of commitment.

There are good prospects for plenty of fun and good humor in the early stages of this relationship, but efforts will have to be made to provide the Cancer with the stability they need. By contrast, this need to settle down is invariably the furthest thing from the mind of the Gemini who wants to feel free to flirt and enjoy themselves. If they feel they are being tied down they will not want to hang around too long.

The Gemini will always be looking for new adventures whilst the Cancer will regard such excursions as the exception rather than the rule. The outgoing and sociable Gemini may tempt the Cancer to join them for a while but their more reserved and private nature will eventually dictate just how sociable they are prepared to be. The Gemini may value their freedom and independence too much to adhere to the more stringent routine of the Cancer.

The initial attraction will be in real danger of going cold very quickly when each discovers how deeply entrenched the other are in their behavior patterns. The longer the relationship goes on without these issues being properly addressed, the more likely it becomes that their time together will be short lived. Whether it is the jealousy and suspicion of the Cancer or the frustration of the Gemini, it will only be a matter of time before one cries enough.

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