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Capricorn compatibility with Libra: Love and relationships

These two will have to adapt to each other’s needs if they want a long-term relationship

The romantic compatibility of this particular love match depends on how willing the pair are to adapt to and accommodate the other’s needs. The Libra is the more outgoing of the pair and loves to interact with people. By contrast, the Capricorn can become a little self-absorbed and very serious in their outlook on life.

Can a relationship between a Capricorn and a Libra work?

Capricorn and Libra will need to reach a compromise in order to form a lasting relationship. It should not take major changes for them to complement each other and form a harmonious relationship. The Capricorn can provide security and stability, whilst the Libra can keep their social activities and spirit of adventure alive.

Emotionally, the Libra is much more open than the Capricorn, who can struggle to express their feelings. If they can find the right level of understanding, they will be fiercely loyal and protective of one another and will gain rich rewards for the effort that they put in.

The Libra is an extrovert by nature and will quickly become bored if they are not meeting new people and exchanging opinions. The Capricorn is much more concerned about his or her own career and is quite serious in their attitude to almost every aspect of life. For this relationship to stand the test of time, there will always be the need for a few concessions from time to time from both partners.

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Libra is the more outgoing of the pair and loves to interact with people | Getty Images

There is the prospect for great strength in this combination as the Capricorn can provide all the home security and the Libra can maintain the social aspects. If they can find the right balance between their two rather extreme outlooks on life, then they will each derive great benefit from the other. In order to reach this stage, they will require patience in abundance.

All relationships require a great deal of work to function successfully, but in this instance they are starting from opposite ends of the spectrum. Without the ingredient of patience, they cannot possibly succeed.

The Libra likes to indulge themselves from time to time, which will not go down too well with the Capricorn. The Libra is also very open and able to express their emotions freely in a relationship, whilst the Capricorn can struggle to do so.

There is no doubting their loyalty to a long term partner, so this relationship is all about establishing a balance in their first few months together. If they can work together to reach a happy compromise, then the hard work that they put in will be richly rewarded.