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can Capricorn & Cancer love relationship work?

If there is to be any realistic chance of these two very opposing signs forming a lasting relationship, the key has to be communication. In almost all aspects of life, the personality traits of the Capricorn and the Cancer do not match. The Cancer is ruled by their heart whilst the Capricorn is ruled by their head. The Capricorn is both practical and ambitious, qualities that the Cancer sometimes lacks and badly requires! If they are able to combine their very different characteristics into one strong relationship, there is just a chance this might work. They share a desire for a faithful and loving relationship but will have to take the time to accept each other’s point of view and work towards a common goal.

In the early stages of this relationship they are very likely to blow hot and cold. What they find attractive one minute can be extremely frustrating the next. If they can merge these traits into their partnership they will have a good base on which to build. Each will see qualities in the other that they find attractive. The Cancer will admire the strength and stability in a Capricorn, while the Capricorn will enjoy the care and love the Cancer. There could also be a good physical relationship between the Capricorn and the Cancer. However, this may also need to be developed so that they take pleasure in discovering and providing what the other person needs. If each is prepared to learn from the other rather than attempt to change them, they have a chance to form something special. This balance of leaning on one another can often bring year of happiness.

There could be issues in resolving their differences. The Capricorn is sometimes reluctant to reveal their deepest emotions whereas the Cancer is often accused of being too sensitive. The Cancer very rarely loses their temper but they do tend to hold grudges and this can sour relationships over time. This will be bewildering to the Capricorn who quickly gets up, dusts themselves down and moves on in life. They need to find a balance in order to keep the relationship moving forward. An even bigger obstacle may be the lack of an obvious decision maker. Both tend to dither and want to weigh up all of the options, even when fast and decisive action is required. They show similar traits when it comes to committing to a serious relationship so this is something that will have to be addressed.

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