Capricorn Love Compatibility
Capricorn Love Compatibility

Capricorn and Capricorn Love Compatibility

can Capricorn & Capricorn love relationship work?

One thing that ought to be guaranteed from the pairing of one Capricorn with another is a mutual understanding. Both the male and female Capricorn act from their mind, rather than their heart. They are very practical and down to earth and must always have plans in their life. The Capricorn believes in striving steadily towards their goals so that they are in for the long haul and not a short thrill. They are extremely reliable, loyal and trustworthy. They are honest and sincere in everything they do and are extremely pragmatic in their approach. When two Capricorns get together, there is very little that they will not be able to achieve. Their may be a certain lack of emotion and passion in this relationship but they will make a loving and lasting couple that may just fulfill one another’s dreams.

The practical approach of the Capricorn together with their need for clear-cut aims in their life should lead to a very organized life. The Capricorn believes in relentlessly working towards their ultimate goal, almost to exclusion of everything else in life. They do not like to be distracted or to lose sight of their particular ambitions. If they find a soul mate with similar goals, then they could form a very strong alliance. There is no malice in their pursuit of their aims but there is little room for a casual attitude when dealing with a Capricorn.

Whether it is a business partnership or in a love relationship, a combination of one Capricorn with another has the potential for great achievement. It may take a while but success is almost guaranteed. The drawback is that there may be a lack of fun and emotion in this partnership. However, as both of them prefer to hide their true feelings there is a risk that the relationship could become monotonous. They will have to be careful not to allow their emotional detachment to eradicate all the signs of warmth or compatibility from this zodiac match.

Each Capricorn will have to make special efforts to pull away from their responsibilities and make time for one another. This could extend to their conversations, and make a little effort to inject a little frivolity and romance into their lives. The hardest part for a Capricorn will be letting go of their inhibitions once in a while and leaving room for a little pleasure in their lives. If they can inject an element of fun into their lives, then things look highly promising for this pairing.

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