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Capricorn and Taurus Love Compatibility

can Capricorn & Taurus love relationship work?

The Capricorn and the Taurus are both passionate by nature and there are excellent prospects for a romantic and loving relationship between them. They should possess a good mutual understanding of each other’s personality traits. As an added bonus, they are both very astute financially and they should have no problems in that department. They have the potential to balance out their differences quite beautifully. The Capricorn will be ideal to offer encouragement when the Taurus needs it most. In turn, the Taurus will have to be a little more sensitive to deal with the Capricorn but the rewards for doing so will be great. With a little work, this pairing has very fine prospects for a long and loving relationship.

Both the Capricorn and the Taurus have a very practical approach towards life. In terms of their philosophical and spiritual nature, they show excellent compatibility. They have a wonderful opportunity to establish a mutual trust which will lead to a stable and enjoyable partnership. They are also mutually compatible as far as finance is concerned as neither is prone to great extravagance or risk taking. Of course there are always going to be minor disagreements, even in the very best of relationships. These may develop out of the stubborn streak of the Taurus or the occasional arrogance of the Capricorn. But it is difficult to see these two practical signs squandering a very powerful union over something that can be resolved with just a little effort.

The Taurus will be attracted by the ambitious Capricorn. Likewise, the Capricorn will find the strength and reliability of the Taurus very appealing. The Taurus is well able to provide the comfort and support to help the Capricorn realize their ambitions. If the two form a strong bond they will feel entirely secure and the biggest danger may come from being too comfortable! They may have to find a way to keep things exciting or spice things up every once in a while. Apart from that, it is difficult to draw any other conclusion that this particular pairing has everything you would want to form a lasting and loving relationship.

Initially the Capricorn will be fascinated by the Taurus and their similarities will draw them together. They will embrace the idea that the Taurus will help to build a safe and secure future together. There could also be a very natural and rewarding physical attraction and they should prove inspirational to one another in achieving their personal ambitions.

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