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Gemini's compatibility with Gemini: Love and relationships

Couples of the same Zodiac signs do not necessarily make a good match, but the prospects are certainly good for the Gemini

The compatibility between one Gemini and another is good. As they possess the same or similar personal traits, they will have little trouble engaging in conversation or making new friends. They are quite likely to form a connection very quickly and will benefit from their mutual understanding of what makes each other tick. Their shared desire for adventure and excitement in their lives will help to keep the relationship interesting for both of them. 

Can a relationship between two Gemini natives work?

When a Gemini gets together with another Gemini, there is likely to be boundless energy and fun. The Gemini are generally humorous, communicative and very adventurous. They will feel entirely comfortable in each other’s company and the conversation should flow easily.

The Gemini welcome change in their lives and need variety to prevent them from becoming bored. With two Gemini individuals, there is very little chance of life being dull. In fact, there is more likelihood that they could run themselves ragged.

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The Gemini is not great at seeing things through to a conclusion | Getty Images

With the advantages of sharing so many things in common, so comes the disadvantage of having similar failings. They will lack the steady, calming influence to prevent them from launching themselves into a frenzy of activity without any predetermined plan.

The physical aspect of a relationship between two Geminis may also be lacking a little spark. The tendency will always incline towards playful sex rather than love and romance. As both may be prone towards flirtation and jealousy, there could be problems ahead, especially in the event that one or the other finds a deeper emotional bond elsewhere.

The initial attraction will be obvious, with their mutual desire to explore new things and live life to the full. However, their problems may begin with their lack of perseverance. The Gemini is not great at seeing things through to a conclusion. The more mundane aspects of any project tend to find their concentration wandering and looking for a new challenge. This can be true both personally and professionally, so it is well worthy of a note of caution.

For all the energy and fun that this particular zodiac match can offer, it may prove less successful in terms of a deeper, more meaningful relationship. Without one of the partners taking the responsibility to organize and plan a future for this couple, they will spend their time indulging themselves in frivolous adventures. This might be fine in the short-term, but will make it almost impossible to form any sort of meaningful emotional bond to enable them to settle into a long-lasting partnership.