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Gemini's compatibility with Pisces: Love and relationship

Find out if Gemini and Pisces are compatible enough to maintain a lasting relationship

The Gemini and the Pisces are both very open-minded and are excited by new ideas and adventures. There is a very good chance that they will each be fascinated by the other's differences. It is not unusual for this to result in a very strong initial physical attraction built largely out of curiosity, a case of “opposites attract” if you like.

However, the Pisces does need someone to provide emotional support and take care of them, and the Gemini is not an obvious candidate. Whilst there is a strong element of passion in this pairing, there is an equally high level of risk. The Pisces are likely to be too emotionally demanding for the Gemini, who does not have the temperament to deal with these sorts of issues.

Are Gemini and Pisces incompatible?

The Gemini is very rational and pragmatic by nature and is not inclined to see the world through rose-tinted spectacles. This is a compatibility problem for the Pisces in all their prospective love matches, finding a partner who can cope with their dreamy nature for any length of time. Whilst there may be an opportunity for the Gemini to learn from the more wistful approach of the Pisces, it is more than just a simple adjustment.

The Pisces would also do well to take the more grounded approach of the Gemini into account and, provided they can make the necessary shift towards each other’s perspective on life, there could be some hope for this relationship.

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The Gemini is very rational and pragmatic by nature and is not inclined to see the world through rose-tinted spectacles | Getty Images

Finding the deep emotional connection is not obvious in this partnership. The Gemini welcomes change and can lose interest in something, and occasionally someone, very quickly. This could be heartbreaking for the Pisces, who will be desperate to find a reliable source of strength and protection. The Pisces can be a very demanding partner, and the Gemini will have to call on all of their reserves to accommodate them.

The Gemini can also struggle to express their feelings, which is in total contrast to the Pisces who is positively bursting with the need to release their emotions. Unless the pair can find a way to navigate this particular issue, their relationship will be going nowhere fast.

The Pisces will feel lost and neglected if they do not receive the assurances they expect from their partner, and the Gemini will become disillusioned and have little time for them. In effect, they will start to drain the energy from one another, which can only lead to separation.