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Gemini's compatibility with Virgo: Love and relationships

The prospects for a healthy physical relationship between a Gemini and a Virgo are good

The Gemini has a practical and rational approach to life and could find a perfect foil in the Virgo. They are both quite sociable and may be able to develop their compatibility over time. They are likely to have a good intellectual rapport and will appreciate each other’s good humor. The Gemini is more prepared to take a risk, whilst the Virgo is methodical in their approach. However, they are not so diverse as to cause a significant problem.

Can Gemini and Virgo maintain a lasting relationship?

The Gemini will bring passion to the relationship, and the Virgo can provide stability. There is every chance that these two could prove quite compatible. The Gemini, although spontaneous, are generally intelligent and rational in their outlook on life.

The Virgo is essentially the same, so there should be a fine rapport between both these two zodiac signs. Both tend to enjoy nothing more than a good chat, so conversation should flow effortlessly. The Gemini will be instantly attracted by the Virgo, but will have to tone down their natural tendency to flirt.

The Virgo would not feel at all comfortable if they felt the Gemini’s attentions were turned elsewhere. Their prospects for a healthy physical relationship are good, although the Virgo can sometimes be a little short on passion and reluctant to really let themselves go. If the sparks fly between them, then there is no reason why they cannot enjoy some sensual lovemaking together.

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The Virgo would not feel at all comfortable if they felt the Gemini’s attentions were turned elsewhere | Getty Images

Both are fairly well grounded and not prone to wild emotional outbursts. The downside of this is that they both tend to suppress their emotions, and this could potentially lead to compatibility issues. They will need to find a way to deal with this aspect of their relationship to avoid bottling things up indefinitely. This is never healthy in any relationship, as the slightest conflict can lead to a full-scale row.

Virgo can definitely provide some stability and put some planning in the relationship, although they will have to allow a certain amount of freedom to the Gemini in order to keep the peace. The Virgo may need to curb their tongue a little so that the Gemini does not feel pressured into a commitment before they are entirely comfortable.