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Gemini and Relationship

Again, Gemini being represented by two separate, yet identical, entities shows in many aspects of their lives. One side of them can be deeply loving, caring, emotional, romantic, passionate and attentive to their lover’s every need. When their other side is dominant in a relationship that makes them standoffish, isolated, emotionally detached, and sometimes even expressing signs of hostility to their partner’s loving gestures. When committed they can be very devoted and enjoyable partners to keep, however, keep in mind they are by nature flirtatious, lighthearted, and sometimes seem uncaring as to the emotional damage they may cause by acting upon their two-sided nature.

They can often act as cats chasing their prey; once caught, play with it for a short period of time before abandoning it in search of something to entertain them again for however brief period of time before moving on yet again.

Gemini Compatibility With The Other Signs

Gemini Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility Summary


All things considered, there are tremendous possibilities for the Gemini and the Aries to form a truly loving and lasting relationship, full of fun and excitement. Although neither will be desperate to settle down or commit early in the relationship, there is a strong possibility of them bonding so completely that everything else will follow naturally. Both like to live life in the present and not dwell on the past or set out detailed plans for the future. They will be able to retain that feeling of freedom and energy whilst at the same time knowing they have somebody to rely on in difficult times. Between them they could forge quite a dynamic pairing, each pushing the other to greater achievements. There appears to be little that can stand in the way of this pairing which must rank highly among all the potential love matches of the zodiac signs.

Gemini Aries

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