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Gemini & Libra Compatibility

can Gemini & Libra love relationship work?

The Gemini and the Libra are well suited intellectually and emotionally. In the early stages it is very easy to see a strong physical attraction and passions may flow. The Gemini and the Libra also share an artistic nature and are likely to have very similar tastes and idea of a good time. Their almost instinctive understanding should quickly enable them to develop trust and jealousy should not be a concern.

This love match promises to be full of vitality and adventure. The sociable Gemini should find excellent compatibility with the free-spirited Libra. The passion and romance of the Libra will be curiously seductive to the Gemini. They have excellent prospects for a long-term relationship because they should have the ideal temperament to respect one another’s freedom. This sense of retaining their freedom within the partnership makes for a relaxed and contented couple. One area that may be a cause of concern is finance as neither is particularly good as controlling their spending. A little restraint will be needed if their finances are not to spiral out of control. They may also need to develop some decision-making skills because both can tend to dither, even when a firm decision needs to be taken.

This love match is one of the most promising of all the zodiac signs because of their amazing chemistry. They should form an instant rapport through their intellect and mutual fascination and this could generate some natural and affectionate lovemaking. The compatibility with this pairing is not based on raw passion or physical desire so much as a wish to satisfy one another intellectually and spiritually. Sex will be regarded as a means for achieving mutual happiness.

Socially, the combination of the Gemini and the Libra is a match made in heaven. They love nothing more than to integrate with people and they positively thrive on good conversation. The Libra is extremely considerate towards their partner and is always willing to compromise, a trait that will stand the couple in good stead for the future.

Both appreciate the finer things in life and love to make the most of their opportunities so they are unlikely to be bored in each other’s company. The Libra can have their more sombre moments but the Gemini is the ideal companion to put a smile back on their face with their optimistic nature and good humor. By the same token, the Libra can be very understanding of the Gemini’s tendency to wander and there is every reason to believe that this combination have the power to find the answers to most of their problems.

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