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can Gemini & Scorpio love relationship work?

The vivid imagination of the Gemini allied with the dynamic nature of the Scorpio will certainly fire a passionate first phase together. However, the Gemini wishes to live a busy and exciting life whereas the Scorpio is more demanding and inflexible. Once the early passions give way, it is likely that the Gemini will find the Scorpio too entrenched in their ways. The disparity between the two in how they approach life in general is considerable and it will take a good deal of effort to bridge the gap.

The first few meetings between this pair could be very exciting. Initially they will be enticed and intrigued by one another. The intellect of the Gemini and the sheer passion of the Scorpio will draw them to one another, each believing they can gain the upper hand. As they will very quickly find, neither is going to change radically to suit the other. This love match is the recipe for a passionate yet volatile relationship. There will be no difficulty as far as conversation goes and they will launch themselves into the early stages of the relationship with genuine excitement and passion. This may well be continued through an equally vigorous physical relationship. However, their strong feelings for one another may prove to be an illusion. The excitement and energy of their first few meetings could blind them to the bigger issues that will inevitably need to be faced.

Gemini will soon find the Scorpio cramping their style. They will feel intimidated by their intense and demanding nature and this couple could soon find themselves drifting apart. The naturally flirtatious social style of the Gemini will stir up feelings of jealousy in the Scorpio and it will call for an awful lot of compromise and restraint on both sides for this relationship to last the distance. There are character clashes wherever you look. The Gemini likes variety whereas the Scorpio wants stability and routine. The Scorpio can be fiercely loyal once in a loving relationship but feels betrayed if they do not get the same commitment in return. If they are to find a middle ground it will have to be based on a respect and understanding of the other’s personal needs. It will not work if one tries to impose their way of thinking on the other.

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