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Leo's compatibility with Leo: Love and relationships

Leos are passionate, loyal, romantic and full of consideration for their loved ones

The biggest problem in the compatibility between two Leos is that neither will be happy to play the subordinate role. Both will want to be the center of attention at all times, and one of them will have to be prepared to take a step back. This fundamental issue will have to be resolved quickly if there is to be any future for this particular love match.

They will have to learn to respect each other’s views and find a happy middle ground. This will not come naturally to a Leo and is therefore a major concern. It is the one stumbling block that could prevent a truly magical combination.

On the positive side, two Leos would be perfectly compatible on an emotional level. Both of them are very passionate, loyal, romantic and full of consideration for their loved ones. In terms of compatibility, they have a lot of going for them. If these two could work out their leadership issues, there is a possibility of a very strong bond developing.

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The emotional bond between this pair could be something spectacular | Getty Images

Can a relationship betweent two Leos work?

These natives are very strong-willed, and this can be both a help and a hindrance. They will have to come to a mutual understanding, and one partner must be prepared to play a secondary role. This may not be as difficult as it sounds, as most couples evolve and form this understanding naturally. If their goals and methods are similar, they will soon learn which of the pair must have the final say.

It may only be the really tough decisions that need a definitive voice, and for much of the time they could conceivably get along by “taking it in turns”. This would be an unusual compromise, but a compromise nonetheless.

The emotional bond between this pair could be something spectacular. They have excellent prospects for an exciting social life together, making new friends and seeing new sights. The Leo individual is usually quite vivacious and full of energy, a person who adores being the center of attention. There could also be quite a strong physical attraction and imaginative lovemaking. Their shared tastes and desires could make for an exhilarating time, bordering on the erotic!