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Leo are extremely sincere, dedicated, open, genuine, and trusting lovers when presented the opportunity. Their warmhearted and kind nature make them go above and beyond the typical means to ensure the happiness of their friends, family, and mate. If deceived by a trusted lover, they can become extremely withdrawn and disappointed, sometimes shaking their faith in people in general. Their strong sex drive can often lead them to several different sexual partners, even though they are genuine and loving to the partner they are currently with until the relationship ends. They are often seen as demanding from their partner what they can not provide themselves.

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Leo Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility Summary


The key to the compatibility of this pairing is their ability to share power. If they can overcome that issue then everything else should fall into place. If the Aries and the Leo can be happy to share the limelight rather than be the constant focus of attention, then they can enjoy a forever changing and exciting life together. Once they are involved in a truly loving relationship, both are capable of becoming a faithful and caring partner. There is scope for plenty of adventure, fun and passion if they can establish the love and trust that is at the root of all good relationships. To get the most accurate and personalized Leo Aries compatibility reading, look into a custom reading by a professional Astrologer to delve into the specifics of your potential match-up.

Leo Aries

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