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Leo and Aquarius Love Compatibility

can Leo & Aquarius love relationship work?

This is a difficult relationship to predict with any confidence. The confidence and strength of the Aquarius will attract the Leo but they may not possess enough passion or emotion to fully satisfy the Leo. Whilst they both have an inquisitive nature, they may ultimately go in different directions. And yet, there is a possibility that their differences are not so pronounced as it first appears and could be knitted together to form a loving relationship. More about Leo Aquarius compatibility below…

There’s a mutual fascination between the Leo and the Aquarius. The somewhat remote nature of the Aquarius will be intriguing to the Leo and, in turn, the Aquarius will be charmed by the style and warm nature of the Leo. They both understand career ambitions and the motivation that drives them forward. Leo will have a great deal of creativity to offer and this can be of great benefit to the more practically minded Aquarius.

Both can be proud and rather dogmatic in their opinions which could lead to trouble. The Aquarius will need to be more accommodating to the alternative view of the Leo in order to reach solutions. Equally, the Leo will have to learn to allow a little space for the Aquarius to retain their freedom within the relationship. They both enjoy adventure and are capable of committing wholeheartedly to a worthy cause.

Many of their personal traits are somewhat at odds with the other. But, if they manage to navigate successfully through that particular minefield, the prospects for physical compatibility for this pairing are good. Both have a strong physical nature and the Leo can be the sort of lover capable of drawing hidden passion from the Aquarius. The Leo expects a relationship to be quite intense and a compromise may have to be reached with the more casual approach of the Aquarius. If the Aquarius remains too detached, the relationship will start to feel rather empty to the Leo and neither of them have any sort of appetite for the repetitive or mundane.

The high intellect of the Aquarius along with their confidence, particularly in a social sense, could be complemented very nicely by the warm and generous nature of the Leo. Both have good social skills and are attractive to friends and associates. Provided they can find the right balance of personal freedom and time shared together, the relationship could strengthen as each becomes aware of the others needs. If they each have a successful career path, this time apart could be extremely beneficial in bringing them closer as a couple. However, there will have to be a strong willingness to learn from one another in order for this relationship to last. They cannot afford to run away from conflict or they will be faced with recurring problems that will eventually break the relationship if that middle road is not found.

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