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can Leo & Aries love relationship work?

Leo Aries compatibility readings typically show these two are both inclined to be leaders and can also border on egotistical. This is a potentially destructive force within the relationship that will have to be addressed in order for it to develop. If these two strong wills can be harnessed by mutual respect, then they do have many qualities that will improve their chances of compatibility. The Leo can be warm and loving and this will appeal to the Aries. However, the Leo also requires constant admiration and there will have to be compromise in order for this relationship to last.

They should have few worries physically as they will be on the same wavelength. There is every prospect of a very romantic and passionate relationship, although potentially explosive at times. Both can be a little stubborn and resolving their differences could certainly lead to some fiery exchanges. However, the making up should be fun and their strong sexual chemistry should certainly be a major plus in sustaining the partnership. The key to this relationship will be finding the right blend. If they are prepared to meet each other’s needs and not get caught up in a power struggle, then it could work but it is not going to be easy.

Both the Leo and the Aries value their independence so each should possess a good understanding and be able to appreciate this need. However, whilst the Aries can be something of a free spirit, sometimes forgetting to take the feelings of others into account, the Leo is more aware of how they are perceived by others. They have plenty of positive attributes to put into the relationship that will keep them both motivated and full of energy. They can both be susceptible to over-indulgence and they will need to establish some ground rules, particularly where finances are concerned. Both tend to be spenders rather than savers and too much of a good thing could leave them struggling to maintain their standard of living.

The Leo can find an almost perfect match in the Aries if they can make a few adjustments. Together they have the confidence to fulfill each other’s needs for exploration and adventure. The chemistry between them can provide the strength and support to help them stand the test of time. The intelligence and energy of the Aries will be beautifully complemented by the romantic and warm-hearted nature of the Leo.

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