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Leo and Taurus Love Compatibility

can Leo & Taurus love relationship work?

This is a typical case of “opposites attract” and there could certainly be plenty of passion in the early stages. The main problem facing the Leo and the Taurus in terms of compatibility is that they are both intrinsically stubborn by nature. If problems develop the Leo resorts to anger and the Taurus becomes obstinate. Leo is likely to adopt the leading role and the Taurus is capable of providing the attention that the Leo needs. Again, there could be problems ahead if the Leo tries to dominate the Taurus excessively. Read on to learn about Leo Taurus compatibility.

The Leo will certainly revel in the initial attention showered upon them by the Taurus who are capable of turning on the charm. The Leo and the Taurus show great compatibility as far as passion and romance are concerned. However, the Taurus may not persist with the wining and dining far beyond the first few dates together and may have to become a little more adventurous to maintain the level of excitement.

They could form quite an intriguing business relationship with the Leo excellent at starting new projects and the Taurus very good at seeing things through to their conclusion. However, there could be problems financially as the Taurus is careful with money whilst the Leo enjoys nothing more than a spending spree. This sort of extravagance will not go down well with the Taurus. Although the Leo may take the lead, there will be times such as this when the Taurus will feel the need to take charge. If the Taurus attempts to wrestle the initiative from the Leo, the relationship could suffer. A bit of subtlety may be necessary so that the ego of the Leo is not dented. They need to feel that their partner is devoted to them.

Both the Leo and the Taurus can be very determined and will stick rigidly to a decision once they have made it. The Leo likes to be the center of attention whereas the Taurus is usually only truly comfortable within their close circle of friends and family. On the plus side, they are both capable of true commitment so, if a happy middle-ground can be found, there could be some prospect of longevity. It will take considerable effort and they will have to learn not to take each other for granted.

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