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Leo and Virgo Love Compatibility

can Leo & Virgo love relationship work?

´╗┐Although there are numerous differences between the Leo and the Virgo, it is possible for these two signs to create a happy union with a very well balanced relationship. Both the Leo and the Virgo possess very powerful personalities, but there is every chance that they could compliment one another very nicely. The Leo will be able to teach the Virgo to relax and enjoy life without everything having to be planned in minute detail. The Virgo can teach the Leo a little patience and sensitivity. Their prospects for compatibility extend to the workplace where the Virgo tend to work quietly but efficiently in contrast to the bold and attention seeking Leo.

However, a note of caution is required as these two signs can both be a little full of their own importance and a clash is not out of the question. The zodiac sign of the Leo seeks attention and admiration from those around him and like nothing more than to bask in the glory of their successes. There is little or no room for humbleness. By contrast, the Virgo is a much quieter person, who believes in humility and modesty. They are more likely to shy away from the limelight and certainly do not seek the approval of others.

The biggest problem that the Leo is likely to find with the Virgo is that they tend to be meticulous in everything they do. They can be a bit of a perfectionist and extremely critical of those who do not come up to their high standards. This could soon become irritating for the Leo, especially if they become the target of criticism. With the Leo being quite sensitive on this score, this could be a major obstacle where the compatibility of the relationship is concerned. The outgoing and extrovert personality of the Leo clashes could clash with that of the more reserved Virgo so it will require efforts from both of them to make this love match work.

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