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Libra compatibility with Libra: Love and relationships

Libras strongly believe in balance and secure relationship as the route to true happiness

The strength of the relationship between two Libra individuals is that they possess the same positive qualities. Inevitably, they also share the same negative traits, which could leave them vulnerable. This makes it a very difficult pairing to accurately predict. A Libra definitely requires a life partner, as they find it unnatural to live alone.

They have a built-in desire to share life’s experiences, good and bad, and do not rest easily until they are in a safe and secure relationship. When not in such a relationship, they are constantly hoping to find one.

Their natural charm and diplomacy should enable them to be comfortable in one another’s company. Both of them will be intent on maintaining harmony in a relationship and will strive to please their partner. They also value balance and equality, so there may be a lack of leadership.

Their mutual aversion to conflict could work both ways. In order to keep the peace, they may avoid a problem that will have to be sorted out before they can move on.

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There are many reasons to expect an instant attraction with this pairing | Getty Images

Can a relationship between two Libras work?

This is a relationship that has good prospects, but will need time and patience to develop properly. The Libra strongly believes in balance and equality as the route to true happiness. Neither partner will be expected to be dominant over the other.

The Libra is generally attracted by the finer things in life, so the likelihood is that they will share very similar tastes and aspirations. This will be a definite advantage in their relationship, as they will both be pulling in the same direction.

The one major drawback in their approach to life is likely to be their hesitance in taking a big decision. Consequently, things may be allowed to go on unchecked for a very long time before either takes a positive step forward in the relationship.

Many believe that two astrological signs together are not a good mix, either romantically or physically. However, there are reasons to believe this is not true, especially in the case of the Libra. Clearly there are many reasons to expect an instant attraction with this pairing, and the indications are that the physical aspect of the relationship will be sexy and powerful. As with most couples, once they find that special bond, there is very little to stand in their way.