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Libra compatibility with Taurus: Love and relationships

The emotion and romantic passion of Libra attracts Taurus, but is this relationship something that can work long term?

Libra Taurus compatibility based pairs may have an enjoyable and romantic first few meetings, but there may not be much beneath the surface to hold them together. They will share an enjoyment of the arts and may even be suitably challenging intellectually, but ultimately they could prove a poor match.

Are Libra and Taurus an ideal love match?

After the initial excitement, the Taurus will probably fail to live up to the romantic requirements of the Libra who, in turn, is unlikely to be ready for commitment as soon as the Taurus would like. Unfortunately, neither of them has the capacity to deal with these sorts of problems, and rows would seem inevitable. The Taurus may even become jealous of the Libra’s romantic nature, whilst the Libra will take a dim view of the Taurus should they attempt to dominate.

Both the Taurus and the Libra tend to shy away from conflicts and desire a peaceful and harmonious existence. Where there is a love match between this pairing, the relationship will largely be amiable and compassionate. However, the Libra has a far more outgoing nature and is also more open to new friends and new experiences than the Taurus.

This would not necessarily be such a significant problem were it not for the stubborn nature of the Taurus. It is difficult to see how they will reach an amicable agreement should things start to turn sour.

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The Taurus will probably fail to live up to the romantic requirements of the Libra | Getty Images

The Libra is not devoid of diplomatic skills, and these may be required in order to navigate more troubled times with the headstrong Taurus. Both like to indulge themselves in luxuries from time-to-time, and there are certainly good prospects for some early romance. The Libra will be attracted by the passionate Taurus, who, in turn, may find the Libra quite intoxicating.

The Libra will need to retain some freedom within the relationship, whilst the Taurus will soon be looking for commitment and stability. What the Taurus has to understand is that it is this very freedom that makes the Libra who they are. Given sufficient space to express themselves, the Libra will greatly enhance the physical and emotional love life of the Taurus.

Their physical attraction for one another may temporarily blind them to their obvious personality differences. However, there will come a time when they will have to deal with various compatibility issues, or else they may open the door to jealousy and mistrust.

The Taurus likes things to progress in an orderly fashion, whereas the Libra can be very unpredictable and prefers to have regular changes in their life. If the Libra starts to feel too confined and the two begin to ease apart, the Libra’s excessive vitality and flirty nature could start to irritate the Taurus and make them feel insecure.