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Libra and Aries Love Compatibility

can Libra & Aries love relationship work?

The emotion and passion of the Libra will certainly attract the Aries. Likewise, the Libra will admire the fiery and impulsive nature of the Aries and a powerful initial attraction is very likely. Both the Libra and the Aries enjoy an active social life and this will enable them to get off to a flying start in their relationship. There are differences, notably in the Libra’s preference to take a long, hard look at any situation as opposed to the decisive and instinctive nature of the Aries. More about Libra Aries compatibility below:

The Aries is a natural leader and the Libra will be happy to adopt a secondary role. However, with it being in their nature to take a step back and view all of the options rather than rush into decisions, they are unlikely to be content to follow the impulsive Aries down a blind alley. The Libra will have to impose their will on the Aries from time-to-time and the Aries will have to learn to listen. It’s all very well being impulsive when things are going well but the cool head of the Libra will certainly be required if they are to have any future together. The Libra has much the better people skills when it comes to communication and must be allowed to contribute to the decision making process. If the Aries becomes too dominant then the relationship will have only a limited shelf life.

The strong initial attraction could be further expressed in their passionate lovemaking. The Aries will be bold and dynamic and the Libra could well be swept up in a frenzy of excitement. The Libra is the more romantic of the two and, whilst the Aries thrives on new and exciting situations, the Libra will be tending towards establishing some harmony and stability in the relationship. They will need to meet halfway if they are to retain the energy and excitement without jeopardizing the partnership.

The relationship could also hit trouble with the Aries needing to retain a certain amount of freedom, both individually and socially. If the Libra becomes infatuated with the Aries there is a danger that they will want to spend every moment in their company and this will be too much of a burden for the Aries. The Libra is also much more understanding and compassionate in nature and this may perplex and irritate the Aries.

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