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can Libra & Cancer love relationship work?

Libra Cancer compatibility shows these two share a need for a settled and harmonious lifestyle. Neither can deal with conflict very well and wants life to be peaceful at all times. They are also capable of being extremely loving and considerate towards their partner and these qualities give them an excellent basis for compatibility. The Libra is much the more practically minded of the two and this could prove extremely beneficial to the Cancer. They really do need someone with the ability to make decisions with their head rather than their heart. The Cancer is too easily governed by their emotions and by the wishes of others and a Libra can provide much-needed strength and support.

There are as many differences to be found in the personality traits of the Cancer and the Libra as there are similarities. The Libra, as well as being far more practical than the Cancer, is also more rational, balanced and open-minded in their approach to life. In terms of compatibility, it is difficult to brand these as negatives because they could knit together perfectly with one another. However, there will have to be some sort of compromise reached in the decision making process. The Cancer can be far too open to outside influence, sometimes putting the needs of others ahead of their own without any logical reason for doing so. Their instinct is to go with their loyalties and emotions.

By contrast, the Libra will find it easier to take a step back and make a balanced and practical decision based on the overall picture. The Libra also expects a partnership to be one of equals whilst the Cancer tends to favor a relationship with one partner holding sway over the other. Sometimes they can be the leader but, more often than not, they prefer to have someone to take that role ahead of them. These differences have the potential to cause conflict in this zodiac match but it is far more likely that they can be resolved. They need to be, and quickly, if this relationship is to have a solid footing upon which to build. There may also be a conflict in terms of their attitude to socializing. The Cancer prefers the comfort of home to nights spent out on the town, but may be enticed out of their shell by the more outgoing Libra.

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