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Libra and Scorpio Love Compatibility

can Libra & Scorpio love relationship work?

The Scorpio is much more emotional than the Libra who prefers to maintain a safe distance in any relationship. The Scorpio can also be jealous and possessive which are not ideal character traits for dealing with the Libra. The hope is that the balanced outlook of the Libra will help to stabilize the more extreme Scorpio so that a compromise can be reached. There should be excellent chemistry between the pair and both can be extremely romantic. In many ways, the different personal traits can be inter-woven to form a very successful partnership.

The Scorpio will inevitably take the emotional lead over the Libra. The emotions of a Scorpio run much deeper and can be quite intense. By contrast, whenever the Libra gets involved in a love relationship, they prefer to maintain a little distance and try to remain slightly aloof. The Scorpio can be quite possessive, again in total contrast to the Libra. The latter’s essential need for some personal space and freedom means that they will have to assert themselves over the Scorpio in order to gain a solid footing within the relationship. If they do not achieve this balance early in the relationship, then it may fail quite quickly. Providing that the Scorpio is able to adapt to a more evenly balanced relationship, their conflicting characteristics can be made to work successfully.

The intensity of the love of the Scorpio will be greatly flattering to the Libra who will lap up the attention. They will find the slightly moody side of the Scorpio far less appealing and the initial sparring to set the ground rules in this pairing should be fascinating and complex. If the Libra continues to flirt and appear casual about the relationship, the Scorpio will become irritated and reveal their jealous side. Both will have to back down a little in order for the relationship to prosper.

This will not be a foregone conclusion as the Scorpio can be very passionate and may not adapt easily to the more objective approach of the Libra. However, this could be overcome by their mutually romantic nature and a desire to shower attention on their partner. There are good prospects for excellent chemistry between this pairing with a strong initial attraction. They have the potential to gel very successfully, each able to counteract the weaknesses of the other.

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