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can Libra & Virgo love relationship work?

There are a lot of basic differences between the Libra and the Virgo that could give cause for concern, but that’s what we’ll go over in this Libra Virgo compatibility reading. They have a very different outlook on life and contrasting temperaments. The Libra loves to socialize and gain knowledge from other’s people’s experience and ideas. They do not judge people and are always open to contrary viewpoints. The Virgo is not overly keen on socializing and can be very critical of others and their opinions. They will need to work hard to resolve these differences to find any sort of balance in this relationship.

The love match of the Libra and the Virgo has more problems than most to overcome. The Libra may appear indecisive and slightly weak to the Virgo. By the same token, the Virgo could come across as a shade arrogant and narrow-minded. Their most obvious personality traits are potential clash points and certainly do not inspire confidence. The Virgo and the Libra zodiac signs do share the need to seek perfection, but whether they will find this in one another is seriously open to question. They will even have difficulty agreeing on financial matters as the Virgo is far more inclined to be frugal than the Libra. If the Virgo cannot restrain their inclination to criticize and find fault, the Libra will soon start to feel uncomfortable and move on. It could work if the Virgo is able to act as a guide rather than a critic, thus enabling the Libra to see them as help rather than a hindrance.

Such are their differences, that the Libra and the Virgo may find it difficult to understand one another’s preferred lifestyle. The Virgo will struggle to embrace the socializing style of the Libra who, in turn, will find it extremely difficult to settle for the quieter approach to life of the Virgo. The Virgo and the Libra have the potential for quite a strong physical relationship, as is often the case with opposing star signs. Both usually take pride in their appearance and the more overtly sexual Libra could prove quite intoxicating to the Virgo. However, this seems destined to be a short-term curiosity trip rather than a long-term relationship.

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