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Pisces' compatibility with Taurus: Love and relationships

Find out why this pair has all the attributes to create a very prosperous relationship

The Pisces is naturally sensitive and understanding, and these qualities will appeal greatly to the Taurus. Equally, the Pisces will admire the strong character and perseverance of the Taurus and will be drawn by their leadership qualities. This has all the makings of a very happy combination. Pisces will also enjoy the security and stability provided by the Taurus. Both have a great appreciation for the finer things in life, and they will make excellent companions.

Are Pisces and Taurus compatible?

With both the Pisces and the Taurus having such an amiable disposition, it is easy to see how a harmonious relationship can develop between this pairing. The strength and reliability of the Taurus will be the rock upon which a thoroughly rewarding partnership can be established.

The leadership role is one that the Taurus should feel comfortable adopting in the presence of the more needy Pisces. Whilst the Pisces and Taurus compatibility seems to offer a wonderful opportunity in terms of a truly loving relationship, there are differences worth noting.

The Taurus is very down to earth and practical, whereas the Pisces can be a little dreamy and vague. It is feasible that the Taurus may tire of the Pisces and their more easy-going attitude, but it is more likely that they will gravitate towards them.

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The Taurus is very down to earth and practical, whereas the Pisces can be a little dreamy and vague | Getty Images

Romantically, the Taurus will be the perfect foil for the more dreamy nature of the Pisces. Both have a healthy desire for physical affection and a taste for the exotic. The emotional nature of the Pisces can be troubling to other Zodiac signs, but the Taurus will almost certainly relish the extra attention and passion. Both are extremely romantic and, providing the Taurus can adapt to the more eccentric nature of the Pisces, there should be a terrific love life ahead of them.

There seems to be just the right balance between the imaginative and sensitive Pisces and the strong and decisive Taurus. In some love matches there are obvious deep-rooted differences that will need a lot of effort to overcome. In this instance, the differences seem to offer up exactly the right mix of ingredients to make the relationship knit together perfectly.

Whilst all relationships need a little compromise now and again, the prospects for this particular pairing indicate a relatively seamless transition towards a very special bond. They should intuitively know where they fit into this partnership to keep the harmony and grow even stronger with the passing of time.