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Pisces and Relationship

The Pisces is one of the most humble and generous mates a person can find in life, always giving rather than asking or taking. They are the type of person to go out of their way to get a gift for a loved one for the simple reason that it would be a nice thing to do, and to see a smile on someone’s face. Pisces strongly prefer a spiritual and emotional bond rather than expressing their love physically through sex, however, sex can be an integral part of that bond. They express their emotions throughout other ways than passionate lovemaking which most partners are more than happy with.

One thing for a Pisces to be careful of is being misled down the path of a serious relationship and marriage with a seemingly delicate partner and after it’s seemingly too late their partner reveals their coarse and rigid sexual nature. That being said, Pisces are by far one of the most intensely loving and faithful partners.

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Pisces Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility Summary


Romantically there is a very good chance of an initial attraction. The dreamy nature of the Pisces combined with the passion of the Aries could lead to a very exciting bond forming between the pair. The key to the success of this partnership is avoiding the extremes of their nature and moving a little towards the other. The durability of this pairing is debatable but, should they continue beyond the initial phase, it could become a long lasting and romantic relationship.

Pisces Aries

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