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can Pisces & Cancer love relationship work?

The Pisces and the Cancer are both of a quite emotional and compassionate nature. These are positive traits that will help them to develop compatibility and form a solid relationship. The strong romantic nature of the Pisces will work well with the imaginative and creative Cancer and could greatly enhance their enjoyment of life. They have the potential to form an affectionate and sensitive couple who can spur each other on greater achievement. The Cancer can also provide the Pisces with the protective and loyal partner that they need. Where they have disagreements they have all of the skills needed to diffuse them quickly.

Both the Pisces and the Cancer are extremely loving, sympathetic and very emotional. This should give them an almost intuitive understanding of how the other is feeling which is an enormous benefit in any relationship. They also share an appreciation of the finer things in life and this will enable them to give free rein to their interest in creativity and the arts. Indeed, there are many areas of compatibility that could hardly be improved upon.

The Cancer is capable of providing the caring and protective role that the Pisces desperately needs and they will reciprocate with their warmth and passion. There are also great prospects for romance in light of their natural chemistry. Once the Pisces and the Cancer find love there is every chance of developing a long lasting, stable and committed relationship.

There are of course differences between the two signs. A Pisces has a much broader outlook on life than the Cancer who can tend to become encamped in their close circle of friends and family. This should not concern the Pisces unduly as they will be the recipient of much of the attention and prefer to keep their loved one near. The Cancer can also become a little moody and retreat into their own world if things are not going well. In fact, both the Pisces and the Cancer can tend to sulk a little so will have to address this issue to keep each other motivated.

Both of them tend to put their heart before their head so they will have to deal with more practical issues. The biggest danger for this pairing is that they will be so bursting with emotion and creativity that they neglect the more mundane daily tasks. However, they are both capable of using their intelligence and the Cancer can be a diligent worker so they will have a fair chance of turning each other’s dreams into reality.

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