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Pisces and Capricorn Love Compatibility

can Pisces & Capricorn love relationship work?

There are personal differences between the Pisces and the Capricorn but many of them can be used to their advantage. The Pisces is the more sensitive of the two but can benefit from the more organized Capricorn who also possesses the leadership qualities that the Pisces needs. In turn, the Pisces can be passionate and loving which will help to draw the Capricorn a little out of their more pragmatic approach to life. The strength and stability of the Capricorn can merge nicely with the more dreamy and sensual qualities of the Pisces to form an ideal match. The Capricorn loves being admired and will get all the attention they need once they have won the heart of the Pisces.

Both the Pisces and the Capricorn strongly believe in true love and there is every prospect of an exciting and intense relationship between them. The Capricorn could become infatuated with the magical aspects of the Pisces and the two could develop their relationship into a truly wonderful love match. The Capricorn could find themselves swept up by the challenge of the leading role and could flourish under the guidance of the Pisces.

Although there are differences between them, none of them seem to have the potential to threaten their partnership. Indeed, it is hard to see the negatives in the union of the Pisces with the Capricorn. There may be a few awkward moments as the Capricorn is known to be a little stubborn and, whilst the Pisces enjoys being led, they do not wish to be completely dominated. There could be times when their sensitive nature gets the better of them. The more down-to-earth and practical Capricorn will be the perfect foil for the more dreamy Pisces. In providing the strength and security necessary in any relationship, the Capricorn will receive the lifelong trust and admiration of the Pisces.

The greater passion of the Pisces will arouse those hidden emotions within the Capricorn and they will feel free to express themselves. Such is the nature of these two zodiac signs that the love will be reciprocated in full and the relationship should get even stronger with the passing of time. The Pisces is a great supporter and can provide the perfect mate for the Capricorn by encouraging them to fulfill their dreams. Whilst these two lack certain skills in dealing with life’s challenges, together they form a fearsome team of almost unlimited potential.

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