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can Pisces & Libra love relationship work?

The Pisces and the Libra are both sensitive people with an aversion to conflict. They also have many other similar characteristics including a naturally warm and passionate nature. Problems may arise if the Pisces drifts off into their dream world leaving the Libra totally bewildered. There is every likelihood of an initial attraction and the Libra, as with many other signs, will find themselves drawn by the romantic nature of the Pisces. They could be beguiled by the sensual and creative approach of the Pisces and sparks may certainly fly. However, the Libra do not have the skills to deal easily with the more demanding side of the Pisces and the shine could quickly disappear from this relationship.

It is not impossible for this pairing to work but there are certainly some significant compatibility issues to negotiate. Both the Pisces and the Libra can be very indecisive at times and one will have to take a slightly dominant role, most likely the Libra. The Pisces is prone to accepting whatever role they are offered within a relationship and will then try to keep things running smoothly. Without some sort of lead from their partner an uneasy stalemate could be allowed to develop. If communications break down between the pair it may be difficult to restore them since both the Pisces and the Libra shy away from any form of argument.

Both have a natural desire for love, passion and romance and they have the potential to form a loving couple. If they can transform their differences into positives they will have a great deal of pleasure to share. The Pisces can be too sensitive and emotional for many of the Zodiac signs and could prove too demanding for the Libra which would make them wary of commitment. The Libra is also the more sociable of the pair and will not always be happy with the slightly more stay-at-home nature of the Pisces. Learning how to deal with their differences, particularly in the light of the sometimes overly emotional Pisces, will take more than a little work.

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