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Sagittarius compatibility with Sagittarius: Love and relationships

Find out why this has the potential to be one of the most adventurous and successful relationships

When two Sagittarius individuals get together, if one thing is guaranteed, it will be lots of excitement. The companionship between them will be great as both individuals will love to travel, explore new places and meet new people. Staying in the same place for too long makes them restless, as they crave adventure. The two will also share an optimistic outlook towards life and love.

They will, at some point, have to take a more practical look at their futures, but a lively life with plenty of variety will be their number one priority. A very healthy match, with the only proviso being that they take the time to plan sensibly for their futures.

Can a relationship between two Sagittarius work?

The combination of two Sagittarius offers not only fun, but also excellent companionship. The compatibility in terms of a loving relationship also shows great promise. With both so eager to travel and broaden their horizons, their bubbling enthusiasm for life and adventure will set them off on a very exciting journey.

Being able to exercise their freedom in the company of a like-minded individual will see each of them prosper greatly, and there are no fears in terms of enjoyment or satisfaction. They will undoubtedly reach new heights in their lives with the stability of a soul-mate alongside them.

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The combination of two Sagittarius offers not only fun, but also excellent companionship | Getty Images

Of course, the drawback to all of this pleasure is making sure that you can deal with the difficult times when they arrive. Variety and adventure is fine, but it needs to be supported, and they will have to keep their feet on the ground. They, and the relationship, could burn out very quickly if they do not take some kind of responsible actions regarding their future.

Generally a Sagittarius is quite philosophical and straightforward, so they should be on the same wavelength to make sure the important things do not get overlooked. The similarity of temperaments is another positive attribute for the match of one Sagittarius with another.

Both of them will be extremely sociable and love to interact with new people of both sexes. For some couples this would be a problem, but the Sagittarius is not prone to jealousy and a bit of harmless flirtation will easily be tolerated.

A Sagittarius is totally independent and loves their freedom above all else. One slight note of caution is to be wary that they do not feel a little too much freedom and find themselves drifting apart. Their need for thrills and spills could lead them down some murky waters if they do not value their relationship sufficiently.