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Sagittarius compatibility with Virgo: Love and relationships

Both these natives need to learn to be more tolerant, find out if these signs are compatible

The Sagittarius and the Virgo have very different approaches to life. The problem will be uniting these opposing views to form a consensus. The Virgo will have to curb their critical nature as they may find the Sagittarius almost careless at times.

Are Sagittarius and Virgo able to have a healthy relationship?

Both individuals will have to learn to be more tolerant and gain an understanding of their partner in order to move this relationship forward. The Virgo is extremely methodical and cautious, whilst the Sagittarius can be quite impetuous. If the differing views of the Sagittarius and the Virgo could be aligned, they would have an almost infallible method for problem-solving.

The Virgo takes a very specific overview of the situation, whilst the has a much broader outlook. When both of them work on a problem together, there is very little risk of anything being overlooked. However, they must first accept that they are better off working as a team than they are pulling in opposite directions.

The Sagittarius will easily become annoyed if subjected to the frequent criticism of the Virgo. This is a very real prospect, as the Virgo will have to bite their tongue on numerous occasions in dealing with the somewhat erratic behavior of the Sagittarius.

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The Virgo will have to curb their critical nature as they may find the Sagittarius almost careless at times | Getty Images

Clearly, the major obstacle for this pairing is combining the ultra-organized Virgo with the impetuous and occasionally irresponsible Sagittarius. One point in their favor is that they are both capable of adapting and are not nearly so intransigent as some other zodiac signs.

The Virgo will admire the Sagittarius for their spontaneity and open approach to life. There is every reason to expect a strong physical attraction with the Sagittarius playing the leading role. The Virgo will be quickly drawn to this, but may find themselves out of their comfort zone after the initial attraction starts to fade. On an intellectual level, there are few if any concerns for this pairing.

You can almost guarantee that conversation will never be dull, both being inquisitive and analytical by nature. The Sagittarius will much the more outgoing and adventurous of the pair, and they may find the Virgo a little too dull in the long term. The Sagittarius does not want to waste time worrying about things that may never happen, and prefers to remain optimistic and let the future take care of itself. The Virgo, on the other hand, is a born worrier and will usually err on the side of pessimism.