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Sagittarius and Relationship

In love and relationships, Sagittarius are considered straightforward, conventional, and in control. They are generally known to be on the ‘average’ side of sexual promiscuity and prowess, seeking sex when they see fit but not letting it dominate their lives like the Scorpio tends to. They make great, loyal, trusting spouses and responsible parents, however, due to their free spirited nature, they may need to spend time away from their family to expend some of their restless and free-loving energies. If a Sagittarius is scorned in love, they may become frigid and isolated from their emotional side, often being regarded as cold and narrow-minded in future relationships.

If the Sagittarius has a successful relationship from the start, however, they’re reliable, fun, loving, and typically have very successful, long-term, committed relationships with both husband and wife prospering. One thing to watch out for is their impatience and attention to justice within the family, often becoming angry if the family unit is not keeping up with the pace that the Sagittarius prefers.

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Sagittarius Aries Zodiac Sign Compatibility Summary


They both crave adventure and excitement and there will be every prospect of some truly wonderful times together. They both enjoy a healthy social life and will have a fantastic time…provided the money doesn’t run out! Of all the potential matches of the zodiac signs this one is the most explosive and dynamic. This is certainly one pairing that you can approach with great excitement and optimism. Fun and adventure will bring the Sagittarius Aries compatibility to light and allow these two to have a fun, loving life together!

Sagittarius Aries

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