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Sagittarius and Capricorn Relationship

can Sagittarius and Capricorn relationship work?

The Sagittarius and the Capricorn are two very different individuals and not an obvious pairing. Sagittarius is full of fun and enthusiasm, while the Capricorn is very diligent and practical. The Sagittarius may be a little too easy-going for the Capricorn. Similarly, the Capricorn could prove a little tiresome and dull to the more outgoing Sagittarius. A Sagittarius loves to party and meet new people whilst the Capricorn are happiest spending time in and around their home. However, if they are prepared to compromise and learn from one another, this relationship has some chance of long-term compatibility.

Whilst the Sagittarius and Capricorn do not share a particularly good compatibility in their relationship, they do have certain attributes that can make this partnership work. With a little effort on both sides, even this decidedly unlikely love match can become something worthwhile. The trick is to take the best elements such as the fun and enthusiasm of the Sagittarius and combine them successfully with the practical and responsible nature of the Capricorn. The natural instinct is to assume that a compromise is a bridge too far for both partners but this need not necessarily be so.

The need for the Sagittarius to party and meet new people could help to draw the Capricorn out of their shell. Similarly, the Capricorn’s love of home life and stability could be used as a platform or base upon which to base their relationship. However, it has to be admitted that they may be too entrenched in their ways to reach an amicable agreement. One might be sufficiently drawn to the other to lean in that direction over the courting period but sustaining it for the long term could be much more difficult. There could be quite a passionate initial phase to this partnership as there often is with “opposites”. There is always something risky and exciting about a dalliance with a partner who is so very different. The Capricorn may be prepared to dip their toes in the water initially but will ultimately expect the Sagittarius to tone down their adventurous nature.

The Sagittarius are impatient and sometimes outspoken whilst the Capricorn can be reserved but short-tempered. If they do start to drift apart it could be unpleasant but the likelihood is that they will intuitively know whether they have a future together. There will be many such matches that seem as though they may prosper but fizzle out quickly. Much will depend on how much they are prepared to compromise for the good of the relationship. If one takes too much of a leading role, almost certainly the Sagittarius, the relationship has little chance to prosper.

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