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Sagittarius and Leo Love Compatibility

can Sagittarius & Leo love relationship work?

The Sagittarius and the Leo share a lot of very similar character traits. They are both naturally optimistic, fun loving and full of energy. They also love to socialize and make the most of life. They can also be very impulsive and it is easy to see these two igniting a wildly passionate and exciting relationship together. There are differences but nothing that appears likely to seriously threaten the pairing. The Sagittarius is well equipped to cope with the Leo’s stubborn streak. If there is a danger it could be that they enjoy themselves too much without taking the time to consider their finances and their future. Their wish to live for the moment can sometimes leave little in reserve. The Sagittarius is not quite so keen as the Leo to jump into a committed relationship and will tend to “go with the flow” but, as long as they are having a good time, neither will be too concerned. With prospects also good for a wonderful physical relationship, this partnership has a lot more going for it than most.

The love match of the Sagittarius and the Leo will be full of romance and warmth. Both the Sagittarius and the Leo are brimming with energy and vitality. When these two combine they can make for a very fun loving couple indeed! The easy-going and playful Sagittarius will quickly ignite the fun and passion of the Leo. However, the Sagittarius can take things very lightly and there is a chance that they could dent the fragile pride of the Leo. This would make the relationship vulnerable, particularly if it came at the time when the Leo was looking for commitment whilst the Sagittarius is happy to carry on oblivious. The Sagittarius can also be a bit flirty by nature and this could stir up feelings of jealousy in the Leo. In general though, both the Sagittarius and the Leo are very positive and outgoing and have very good compatibility.

Make no mistake, these two zodiac signs like to party! They can be very impulsive and the relationship will move at a very fast pace. The Leo is the more stubborn of the pair and the Sagittarius will help them to solve problems and provide them with solutions. If they can get a grip on their finances and develop some stability within the partnership, they will be able to continue to live life to the full. In extreme cases, the Sagittarius can come across as a little arrogant and self-centered and the Leo as very stubborn. But both the Sagittarius and the Leo are well-equipped to talk through these issues and quickly get things back on an even keel.

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